Scott A. McKay Attorney

Practice Areas - (Prior to Retirement)


Car/Automobile/motorcycle/bike crashes
Automobile/motorcycle/bicycle  accidents

Bicycle, all-terrain vehicles and school bus crashes
ATV, Rhino and other 3-4 wheel off-road vehicles

Commercial motor carriers
Truck/automobile crashes

Construction accidents
Faulty construction equipment

Defective products and highways
Automobile defective design

Liquor-related liability/drunk driver
Dramshop/tavern/bar owner liability for overserving patrons who later cause injuries and death on the roadways

Dog bite and animal mauling incidents
Dog bites and animal attacks on children and adults

Premises liability
Dangerous conditions on property causing injuries

Professional negligence
Medical, dental and other "professional" malpractice

Drug illnesses and injuries
Product liability for injuries and illnesses from prescription drugs

Victims of elder abuse and bad faith insurance practices
Nursing home negligence

Insurance companies bad faith practices with auto, home, health, life and disability insurance policies

Scott A. McKay Attorney

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